Heart breaking pause

I need to let you know that I need to pause my walking for a short while.

My brother Manfred’s illness has moved to a critical stage.  I will be with him and his very special wife and son during this time.

Thank you for your understanding, prayers and continuous support at this time.

While i’m having this pause, please don’t forget the plight of the rhinos. Keep talking to raise awareness and money in your circles and donate big.

I will commence again soon and even slip in a few quick kilometres when I can.


Cancer is a formidable foe…as is the poaching dilemma.   We need to treat both foes on several fronts : with triage/treatment (of the individual) , prevention (in the community) and elimination (of the root causes).



6 thoughts on “Heart breaking pause

  1. Waz and I send you and your family much love. This walk has become a journey that gives and challenges in so many ways. I am certain Manfred and his wife and son take great comfort in you being able to spend this precious time with them. All the best. x

  2. Hi Gaby, Sorry to hear the news about your brother. He has battled for so long. He’s given you another reason to go ahead with your journey. Amanda and my thoughts are with you …….and yes she made it to Base Camp in her inevitable style.

    Best wishes. Laine

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