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Bankverbindung fuer spenden :  Kölner Zoo, Sparkasse KölnBonn,

BLZ 37050198

Konto Nr. 10002111

Verwendungszweck: Nashornwalk Swaziland.

Die Spenden gehen zu 100% zu dem Projekt in Swaziland

Fuer info : http://www.koelnerzoo.de/artenschutz/afrika/swaziland/


Our online donations appeal site has been loaded and is now live.  The secure, custom link for the  Gaby walks for rhinos appeal is http://www.givenow.com.au/gabywalksforrhinos


The beneficiary is the SAVE FOUNDATION.   A recognised leader in rhino conservation and protection, the Save Foundation has been operating for over 25 years.

For more details see:  http://www.savefoundation.org.au

Save Foundation

What does your donation do?

Your donation of:         (1 AUD ~ 1 USD ~ 0.65 GBP ~ 0.8 EUR)


Buys a set of hard-wearing outdoor clothing for National Park rangers or dedicated anti-poaching units (required on two-week anti-poaching patrols


Buys a pair of 10 x 25 binoculars for rhino ear-tag identification


Buys diesel fuel for a land-rover for a week of patrolling


Buys a GPS receiver used by anti-poaching units to pin-point their position for mapping, validation of patrolling path, or when calling for emergency back-up.


Buys a rhino radio transmitter implant, which is inserted in the rhino’s horn-stump for tracking after partial de-horning (which discourages poaching)


Buys a set of two off-road tyres for a patrolling vehicle, essential for traveling in National Parks.


Buys a radio transceiver and battery for use in tracking rhinos by National Parks staff and anti-poaching units.


Buys tranquilizer drugs, aircraft hire (for spotting), and ground support for darting a pair of rhinos in the annual de-horning and radio implant program supported by the SAVE FOUNDATION.

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