Wanderweg durch ganz Deutschland

Walking Route across Germany

Aktuel Progress (at 04.November.2013) :

Location             : Cologne

Km wandered   : 1803.4 Km

to go :            0.0

Days wanderered : 105

To Cologne edge

The walk is complete!! But, the fight continues !!

4 thoughts on “Wanderung/Walking

  1. Hi Gaby, you are very special. I met you when you visited the Berlin rhinos. You are welcome to scan the article “Drei Nashörner reisten zurück nach Tansania”, It`s ok with Freunde Hauptstadtzoos. My report of your visit on 18 July will also be published in the next edition. Best wishes on your way to Köln.

    • Hello Karla,

      I thank you so much for your message. It was great to meet you on the day in Berlin. To be close to such amazing animals is such a special opportunity for me and I appreciate your support and the passion you have for wildlife. Lets hope with all our combined efforts we can make a difference and save this beautiful animal.

      Thanks for confirming that we can use the article. Will scan it and post when we get to a scanner next week. Also, please send a copy of your new report – and let me know if you need any photos or extra information.

      Stay in touch, stay passionate.



  2. BRAVO! Gaby for your great achievement finishing 1.803,4 km on November 4, in Köln. You`ve raised the awareness of the cause and supported the project in Swaziland to save the rhinos.
    Much admiration to you from Karla in Berlin.

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