Walking for Rhinos, and her life. Meet Gaby.

I sincerely thank Nina for this wonderful article and for sharing with her followers. She not only writes very well but is an absolutely amazing, award winning photographer. Her landscapes are exceptional and capture both the scale and detail of her subject. She even managed to take some flattering photos of me!
Thank You Nina, for understanding my cause and my passion for rhinos and sharing your perspective in this great blog.

As I see it

Gaby Bryan is acutely aware of the preciousness and brevity of life. Recovering from colon cancer, and most recently losing her brother to cancer, Gaby’s outlook is one of determination and incredible selflessness. With a passion for the plight of the endangered rhino, Gaby has covered 550km of an 1800km walk around Germany to fight for the survival of one of the worlds most gentle and prehistoric animals, and to fight for her own life.

Every 11 hours a rhino is poached and killed. For their horn. Prized for a myriad of mythical medicinal properties and mana as a carved object, the slaughter is driven by demand, based on centuries of folklore. Made of mostly keratin, it delivers similar benefits to chewing your own fingernails. But the myth seems to grow stronger, and along with it, demand. Valued at around the same price as gold, poachers in South Africa can…

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