Nearly there

I’m nearly there!!

After 5 months and 100 walking days into my quest to raise awareness, I am 100km from the finish line at Cologne Zoo.  

Please help me by sharing this story and donating to the cause.  Help to stop the slaughter!

800 rhino poached so far this year is an awful record that must be stopped.

To donate please go to    

Have had a couple of guest bloggers fill in some gaps, but a lot has happened since my last post.   I had a break to see doctors and family and then restarted walking between Berlin and Hamburg.  The Elbe River is harder to walk near than the Rhein River, as it has a wide flood plain and riverside wandering tracks are not as frequent.  However, the Germany countryside continues to amaze me with its diversity and beauty. 

Gaby walking in forest by the Elbe

We saw the lovely little village of Hitzacker (which has been flooded dozens of times) and its experiential archaeology site built on a on the site of a Bronze Age village.  (see

Hitzacker Archeology Centrum.  With guest walkers Louise, Dennis and Museum Director

We stayed for a week in an organic farm (Bio Hof) with lots of lovely geese, pigs, Norwegian horses and Heide Schnucken.   The Heide Schnucken is a breed of sheep from this area that are famous for their long coats and grazing on the banks of the Elbe. 

Heide Schnucken

In a Paul Kelly song is the line “a chilly city soothes a troubled soul” about the port city of Hamburg.  It is the home town of a dear friend of mine, so we took her advice on touring around the city.  The harbour is wonderful and full of the sounds, smells and vibrancy that you expect from one of the world’s largest ports.   Next time you see a shipping container see if it is labelled Hamburg SUD – I swear half of them are!   Just around the corner from the harbour is the infamous Repperbahn…a different set of sounds, smells and vibrancy; but definitely a lively place!

Leaving Hamburg we passed through the fascinating but not well known Buxtehude.  The brick-laying craftsmanship is truly artistic.

Buxtrhude brick-art 

My journey followed the path through Bremen, which is also a free trading port .  Smaller than Hamburg, but an absolutely gorgeous inner city with many beautiful buildings and the famous statue of the Town Musicians modelled from the Grimm bros fairy tale.   This is a story about animals working together to defeat the bad guys and live happily ever after. Pity it’s a fairy tale. The animals of Africa need a miracle like this.

 Bremen Town Musicians

We then decided to head to Brussels for World Elephant Day. and the David Sheldrick foundation organised gatherings in 40 cities around the world and Brussels was not that far (700km).  The funny thing was that while we were on the road an event was organised in Lueneberg (50km away!).  It was good to meet some folk who sincerely care about wildlife and the threat of extinction.  The march was not just about elephants (every 15 minutes an Elephant is poached for the tusks), but also lions and rhinos.    

 Brussels - World Elephant Day

The latest statistics are horrific. Officially 790+ rhinos in South Africa alone, so on track for 1000 murdered rhinos this year.   PEOPLE!  THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!  WE ARE WITNESSING RHINOCIDE! 

I needed to clear my head after Brussels , so we took a few days break with friends to Jungholz, which is a pocket of Austria in the alps on German/Austrian border.   It started snowing as we started the drive up the mountain, then we were almost snowed in as half a metre fell  over the next 2 days!   Loved it.   Did some good walks and shared the rhino story with the Austrians and Bavarians. 

 Gaby in the alps at Jungholz

Continued walking on the trail and have passed Muenster, Duelmen, Haltern and into the industrial heartland of Germany in Recklinghausen, Herne, Gelsenkirchen and Oberhausen.  Despite the heavy industry that abounds here, I was surprised just how green the region is.   There are still belts of green and clean rivers and forests and walk/cycle paths between villages and towns. The autumn leaves provide a yellow/brown/red carpet and a different type of beauty.

 on the trail

And the palace on the lake (Schloss Struenkede) is wonderful.  The moat is much cleaner than in medieval days when all the rubbish was simply thrown out the windows!

 Schloss Struenkede

So as I head towards the last 100km of this journey, I feel a little sad.  Sad that the walk is over;  sad that so many rhinos are still being hunted and are at risk;  sad that we are the generation/the cause of this animal being critically endangered;  sad that we cannot seem to protect these creatures; sad that the myth of rhino horn as medicine persists…just sad. 

 Black rhinos need your support

 Until next time,   Gaby

5 thoughts on “Nearly there

  1. Gaby, it was our hope to walk with you on this epic journey, but time and travel have not met. Fantastic effort. We can only hope the small stature of your walk reaches to the very edges of earth. Our donation is happening this week. love to you and your support crew (John).

  2. So you have almost completed your journey!
    It’s sad, though, that all your effords in trying to stop the rhino-slaughter seem to have so little effect …
    1000 dead Rhinos this year is just terrible. Why don’t people learn that there IS no medical effect in Rhino horns?
    Can’t believe how ignorant and horrible humans can be …
    I hope you and John are okay, though! When you reach Cologne I very much would like to meet the two of you again before you leave for Australia again.

    • Hi Marie, We expect to be in Cologne on Monday 4th November. Depends on progress this week and there is a public holiday on Friday 1st. Hope you can be there! We’ll put the date/time on facebook page when we know.

      Thank you for your constant support. Keep fighting!

      Gaby + John

      • Hi Gaby & John,
        too bad, the 4th is the first day of work for me after my holidays. Will you stay in Cologne for a bit or do you plan to travel back to Australia directly afterwards? Maybe we can arrange a meeting on the following weekend?
        As I don’t have facebook, however, could you give me a short notice via email?
        Love, Marie

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