Farewell to Oz

Gaby in Adelaide outside the "Rhino Room"

Gaby in Adelaide outside the “Rhino Room”

I am writing this in transit to Germany.

What a whirlwind last week with travel preparations, events and even a little media.   We had a local event with Adelaide friends (and 6 people from Melbourne came over too) to say farewell for 6 months and to explain why this quest of mine is so important.    It was a great night and we had several infographics around the walls and a video playing to showhow rhino poaching has escalated over the last few years.    It is devastating that last year 668 rhinos were poached and this year 82 have already (by Feb 6) been killed for their horn by evil poachers.

It was a joyful night too with some old friends and a chance to meet some new ones.   If I can help generate a ground-swell of awareness and public opinion against poaching – it will help the cause, albeit in a passive way   If I can raise some solid cash we can help the cause in a more active agressive way.     On the night we raised a little cash and had some pledges of just over $2, 000 !    That is a fantastic start.   I want to sincerely thank everyone who came to the event and others who couldn’t make it…spread the word.

Also an article about my journey was published in todays Adelaide Advertiser , and syndicated across News Corp.   Take a look here : http://bit.ly/UZo6dU .

So I am flying through Dubai via Emirates.   Great service, and travel is a great way to meet people and tell them a story…all about rhinos and living in the moment.

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