every 11 hours


Gaby with rhino friend

Africa’s rhinos are facing a bleak future, extinction, unless their slaughter stops soon. For every horn that is consumed in Asia, a rhino is killed.  There must be a better way and a resolution soon!!

So far this year, 128 rhinos have been poached.   A rhino needlessly and wantonly killed every 11 hours!!

I am walking to survive cancer and a most amazing animal, the Rhino is fighting for survival from men… The chances for survival for both of us depends on many things, but hope prevails in my heart.  Hope that my lifestyle, my beliefs and my determination will conquer cancer and hope that the myth of  Rhino-horn having special properties will be finally dismissed as this view is borne out of superstion and misunderstanding.

To think that this most incredible animal which is on this earth for 40 million years could be extinct in our lifetime and that out children or grandchildren will not be able to experience Rhinos in the wild is enough for me to make a stand.

I encourage you all to be part of the solution by getting involved in my walk.  Donate, sponsor, walk with me!


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