How to Donate

rhino donate

We have diligently researched how best to channel any money raised from donations into projects that are succeeding, have a long history, have low overheads and provide Australian givers a tax deduction. The organisation that @Gabywalksforrhinos supports is the SAVE AFRICAN RHINO FOUNDATION  –

If you have a donation to make – please use their donation portal and mention Gaby. As an Australian taxpayer you will get a receipt and claim a deduction…therefore you may want to increase your donation as it is effectively from pre-tax income.

Eventually our website will have a donation widget so we can track donations, but don’t wait!

Donate either through their Facebook page or

For folk in other countries – don’t despair.  The Save Foundation accepts donations from anywhere in any currency.  We are still researching specifically for German Not For Profit organisations who will provide similar tax deductability for German supporters.

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