This is me

I am a woman trying to do the best for my health, my family and the planet.   It is too easy to become complacent on any of these areas.

My health has been challenged recently and I am recovering from cancer.     Colon Cancer!  It was classified as Stage III/Dukes C…which means it had gone through the walls and invaded 50% of the lymph nodes tested.  So it needed some intense work to deal with and then continuing efforts to keep it at bay.

Family is extremely important to me.   I was born in Germany in the late 1950s and then migrated to Australia in 1980, with my then husband and 2 year old son.  My son has two children of his own now (Isadore now 12 and Chaska 7), so I have been a grandmother – OMA – since 2001.  In 2001 I was married to John, best move ever!   From John’s first marriage I have grown my family with another 3 children and a new grandson (Bailey) just 3 months old.

The planet and what we are doing to it worries me deeply.   I believe in being ethical and controlling the things I can control…I am passionate about nature and all forms of wildlife.  I am devastatingly sickened by the fact the great Rhinoceros is being poached to possible extinction by humans, for a horn that has no medicinal value.   Utterly senseless and ridiculous.  I’m angry and need to do something, to stretch myself  and do something with all my passion.

Yes, I am fighting this cancer, but exercise helps.  Clinical Trials have shown dramatic reduction in some cancers returning with regular exercise.   This can be as much a benefit as chemotherapy!!  So even through my 6 months of chemo, I have been building up exercise as a key part of my treatment program and my life.

So, the plan formed, to combine my exercise with an event that drives awareness of the plight of rhinos.

Please follow me here.   I ask you to read my ramblings, do your own research, make a stand and be part of the solution.



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