Urgent! Tragedy Strikes Rhino Orphanage

Terrible tragedy. These poachers are absolutely heartless and shameless . :-((

Fight for Rhinos

29 Saturday June- This just in from the Rhino Orphanage:

Rhino Mike butchered

A young rhino bought to act as a surrogate parent to orphaned babies has been shot and killed and his horn removed while a young female has been shot and wounded.
The five-year-old bull white rhino named Mike was killed at Legend Golf & Safari Resort in Limpopo while his fellow free-ranging surrogate parent Nana is being treated for gunshot wounds. Her condition is being assessed by specialists.
The resort is also home to The Rhino Orphanage, a centre which forms a vital part of the EWT Rhino Response Strategy, which was not breached or attacked.
Mike was donated by suppliers to health company Netcare to help raise orphans of the war being waged on South Africa’s rhino population.rhino with karen at orphan
The resort and The Rhino Orphanage were on a full security alert and now ADDITIONAL measures are being…

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One thought on “Urgent! Tragedy Strikes Rhino Orphanage

  1. Sorry, dass ich in Deutsch schreibe, mein English ist nicht mehr so gut .
    Ich werde nie verstehen das der Mensch ohne wirkliche Not , Tiere brutal tötet.
    Wir in Deutschland sind aber auch nicht viel besser , es werden Tiere für den
    unermesslichen Fleischkonsum der Menschheit unter unsäglichen Bedingungen gehalten und
    getötet . Es ist alles sehr traurig .

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