In memorium

Thank you all for your thoughts and support. My brother Manfred passed away on Monday (20 May).
He will be very much missed. I am now even more determined to “bugger off cancer” and walk my walk for rhinos. Manfred also had a passion for the well-being of animals and even when he was so very sick encouraged me to continue my quest.
I will start walking again on Monday the 3rd of June. Manfred courageously fought three separate late stage cancers over twelve years.   He showed me determination and what living life to the full means.
“Rise with haste and walk a righteous path before the sun goes down and your days come to an end.” (Hildegard von Bingen 1098-1197).
Manfred and Gaby

One thought on “In memorium

  1. Oh Gabby
    Im soooo sorry to hear about your brother. Please look after yourself this will only make you stronger. Our thoughts and prayers are with you on this journey of yours and we look forward to seeing you safe, healthy and well upon your return to Australia.

    Take care
    Love Jackie and the crew from PHRC

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