Let’s get going!

Gaby at entrance to Cologne Zoo...where the walk starts and ends

Gaby at entrance to Cologne Zoo…where the walk starts and ends


Two weeks until I start walking.   I’m excited but getting a little nervous now.   Met with the folk at Cologne Zoo yesterday and we have moved the start date to 30 April.   This will work better as 1 May is a public holiday in Germany and so it will make logistics easier for Zoo staff and to get media involvement on the day.    

The Cologne Zoo has been there for 150 years.   Interesting history and like zoos the world over, it is transforming from old style cages to modern, animal appropriate, stimulating environments.   A tropical rainforest inside an old building, a Hippdrome and a massive Elephant landscape are fabulous.   These provide a great viewing experience and a pleasant life for the animals.   The Rhino enclosure is old and tired though.   It is, and needs to be, the next area to be re-developed.   We have learnt that plans are in place to exchange the current male white rhino with a breeding pair when the new home is built.   We are looking forward to seeing this new home and encourage all people near Cologne to visit the Zoo and support their redevelopments.   A good day to do this would be the 30 April !!   Then you can see us officially start the Rhino Walk!!   

http://www.koelnerzoo.de/    – our partner in conservation


4 thoughts on “Let’s get going!

  1. Hello Gaby,
    I’ve just found this project on the zoo’s website and had to come here to tell you that I’m truly amazed by what you are doing. I visit the zoo whenever I can and so it was just natural for me to post a blog entry on my website about your walk (only available in German) http://www.licht-echt.de/2013/04/30/bewundernswerte-aktion/
    I hope there will be many, many people donating and you have all my best wishes for your walk, for helping the rhinos and of course for your health. I’ve also set a direct link to this blog to raise awareness for this project.
    I’ll for sure come back now and then to stay updated on the progress of this!
    All the best,

    • Hello Marie,

      Thank You so much for your fantastic comments and the blog + links on your website ! That is absoloutely wonderful that my mission has touched you. I am totally committed to making a difference to the future prospects of rhinos on our planet…and believe that only people power will build the groundswell of public opinion against the crime gangs/governments/poachers and lead to a solution.

      We have reached Bonn after 2 days walking (blog is still to be written). Will be starting again tomorrow morning from the Kennedy Bridge.

      Please stay in touch

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